Introducing our new GE Apex Revolution CT

We are excited to announce the addition of the GE Apex Revolution 16cm spectral CT to our Norwest practice in Bella Vista!  The CT is especially designed to reduce dosage for patients  while maintaining the highest image quality and an increase in diagnostic accuracy.
Image courtesy of GE Healthcare

What does this all mean? 

Spectral CT imaging is the use of two levels of x-ray energy simultaneously to image a region of interest. Materials imaged by x-ray have known characteristics at different peak x-ray energies providing a range of views of that tissue. The Revolution CT couples together with a 16cm wide Gemstone detector one of the largest detectors available on the market and a fast switching x-ray tube, capturing multiple CT images very quickly at different energies. This new dual spectrum CT scanner is top-of-the-line, incorporating next-generation image reconstruction method, True FidelityTM Deep Learning image reconstruction. True FidelityTM increases the quality of an image while being able to significantly reduce dose to patients.

Image courtesy of GE Healthcare

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