Introducing our new GE Apex Revolution Cardiac CT

Image courtesy of GE Healthcare


Our brand new Cardiac CT is now available at Norwest medical imaging! Designed to overcome the common CT cardiac challenges created by body habitus and heart rate variability, the new CT allows for extremely low dose radiation exposure, an increase in diagnostic accuracy and the highest resolution in the market.

Benefits of referring your Cardiac CT patients to us

  • A dedicated team of cardiac fellowship radiologists and CT radiographers providing high patient care and efficient report turnaround times
  • Lower dose for the patient
  • Wide coverage 16cm axial cardiac acquisition in one beat, every time, using task specific Autogating profiles
  • A gantry rotation of 0.28s and GE’s motion correction algorithm without any additional exposure provides us with industry-leading 24m/sec effective temporal resolution
  • Utilises the latest ‘next generation’ FDA-approved deep-learning reconstruction algorithm providing low dose scanning and exquisite image quality*.

Scan Example

Results: LIMA to LAD

VR Tree

AN EXAMPLE OF AUTOGATING AT WORK: Patient with CABG requiring a two volume scan to cover the heart and origin of LIMA. Smart Arrhythmia (SAM) detects Ectopic beat in between the two volumes, aborts scan and waits for heart to recover ready to scan end diastole phase during the next regular R to R.

Effective Dose: 4.8mSv

* JHsieh J, Liu E, Nett B, Tang J, Thibault JB, Sahney S (2019) A new era of image reconstruction: TrueFidelity™. Technical white paper on deep learning image reconstruction. GE Healthcare

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