To apply for a login to our Synergy radiology inteleViewer click here.

Your inteleViewer login also provides access to our inteleConnect EV web portal

The benefits of using inteleConnect EV are:

  • inteleConnect EV displays images and reports side by side for easy review
  • Provides you with notifications of your recent studies
  • Access to patients previous images for comparison
  • Access to Break Glass, which allows you to view studies requested by another doctor, for a more complete history on your patient
  • Browser based – can be used on mobile devices (non diagnostic) or from home computer if you are waiting on an urgent result.
  • This is browser based there are no windows popping up asking you to update your program

If you are have any feedback or require help with inteleViewer please contact our marketing team on (02) 8881 3887 or email marketing@synrad.com.au.


Do you have questions about your images or reports? Want to chat to a live agent via text message instead of a phone call?

Message us on our new webchat!

You can find more detailed instructions on how to use this webchat can be found on our Patients page.