Taking the Pain out of Workers Compensation

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Norwest Medical imaging has introduced comprehensive support measures for patients with Workers Compensation and Third Party injuries.

Our Workers Compensation department offers a unique one-on-one pre approval process. Benefits include:

  • A streamlined experience for patients
  • Compliance with the latest Workers Compensation legislation, and;
  • Minimised risk of out of pocket expenses.

The new NSW Workers Compensation legislation (introduced in October 2012) introduces additional requirements for processing Workers Compensation claims. These changes mean that insurance companies must provide approval before being liable for any accounts. This includes accounts paid by patients or employers. As a result, obtaining approval for patients is one of our main goals to ensure no out of pocket costs to patients.

An exception is made, however, for any examinations which are performed within 48hours of the initial injury. These do not need approval as long as there is a valid referral from a medical professional.

At Norwest Medical Imaging, our Workers Compensation department will follow up approvals for all examinations for all of our patients. This personalised service sets us apart from other Radiology Practices in the Sydney region.

Our team is highly trained in gaining pre approvals, however it is important to recognise that it may take up to 7 days for an insurance company to make a decision. We follow closely the policies and procedures of WorkCover NSW and therefore cannot put examinations related to Workers Compensation or Third Party through Medicare.

We also provide liaison with Insurance Companies on behalf of the patient. Keeping insurance companies informed of all examinations and obtaining approvals for patients may help fast-track any future imaging or surgery the patient may need.

For more information, see the WorkCover NSW website: