Summer’s Severe Weather Warning


With Summer officially beginning last week, Australia has now entered the Severe Weather Season (SWS).

Meteorologist’s are helping us prepare this year, as strong global climate indicators have predicted another warmer than average severe weather season with an increased risk of bushfires, heatwaves and severe thunderstorms.

So even on the sunniest of mornings, be sure to pack your umbrella just in case of a late afternoon storm!

The Bureau of Meteorology have released a Climate Outlook Overview which compares the past few summer months to the upcoming summer climate of 2017/2018.

  • The summer (December to February) rainfall outlook, issued 30 November 2017, shows no strong swing towards a wetter or drier conditions for most of Australia.
  • December is likely to be wetter than average for southeast Australia, extending up into southwest Queensland.
  • Summer daytime temperatures are likely to be warmer than average.
  • Summer nights are likely to be warmer than average.

This end-of-month Climate and Water Outlook video covers rainfall, streamflow and temperature for the next three months. It includes a wrap-up of recent conditions and a look at which drivers are influencing the climate.