School Holiday Activities


With school holidays around the corner and Sydney’s sunshine starting to warm up our streets, it is understandable that children all over the country are going to be increasing their activity over the next few weeks. As as result, keeping your children injury free may require extra parental supervision.

During the last school break, trampoline injuries were high on the list of NSW Ambulance call-outs for accidents involving children. As a result, parents are being encouraged to supervise their jumping children at all times and to ensure that their trampolines are not placed next to a fence or any other structure.

During the first week of the July school holidays alone, paramedics attended twelve cases across NSW involving trampolines and other jumping apparatus, including a 12 year old boy in East Wagga who suffered a serious neck injury. Other high risk activities include skateboarding, surfing, bike riding.

However, with obesity rates in children on the rise, the World Health Organisation (WHO) have also stressed how important it is to encourage our children to get outside and be active. So enjoy the holidays, but remember to stay safe.