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What is ovarian cancer?
Ovarian cancer is a general term used to describe a cancerous (malignant) tumour starting in one or both ovaries.
The ovaries are made up of three main kinds of cells – epithelial cells, stromal cells and germ cells. Each of these cells can develop into a different type of tumour. The average age of women when they are diagnosed with ovarian cancer is age 64. It is mainly diagnosed in women over the age of 50; however, there are cases diagnosed in younger women.

Every day, 4 Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Sadly, only 46% of women survive, and in most cases it is diagnosed at an advanced stage, which is very difficult to treat. With your help, we can provide better support, treatment and outcomes to women living with the deadliest female cancer. With your help, we can save lives.

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