Medicare Changes for Spinal X-rays


As of today, November 1st 2017, there are new regulations regarding referral rights for all practitioners who request for spinal x-ray examinations under the Medicare Benefits Schedule.

These new regulations are as follows:

The requesting of MBS three and four region spinal x-ray items has been restricted to medical practitioners, physiotherapists and osteopaths only. This means that chiropractors are no longer able to request these items and be covered under the MBS.

Further changes in the MBS are for one region and two region spinal x-ray items. These are amended so that allied health practitioners cannot request more than one of any of the one and two region spinal x-ray services, for the same patient, on the same day.

If you are an allied health professional, and wish to discuss these changes or would like any further information please contact us on 1300 339 729 or email us at [email protected]


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