Are Your Bones Healthy?


Like most people, you probably don’t really think about your bones until something doesn’t feel right. But bones do more than just keep everything in place. They provide support and structure, protect vital organs, help us move, and even store essential minerals. So, It is important to know the health of your bones, especially as your age increases.

A CT BMD test is can provide a snapshot of your bone health by measuring your bone mineral density.

The CT BMD examination is performed on our cutting edge CT Scanner takes approximately 5-10 minutes. An extremely low dose CT scan is performed of the upper lumbar vertebrae and the proximal femur with measurements taken to determine the health of your bones.

The principle underlying CT BMD is that normal calcified bone will absorb more x-rays than surrounding tissue so that the CT density measurement can be used to measure total bone mass within a sample of tissue.The data is used to measure an important risk factor and determine the necessity, choice and efficacy of therapy.

Why would you have a CT BMD?

The most common reason to be referred to have a CT BMD Scan is to diagnose osteopenia or osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a common, treatable condition which increases in likelihood with age.

The other reasons why your doctor may have referred you for a BMD scan include:

  • You may have a medical condition that could weaken your bones
  • If you’ve had a fracture due to a small injury or fall
  • If you’re losing height

If you have a referral for a CT BMD and wish to make a booking please contact us here or give us a call on 1300 339 729 to speak to our friendly reception team.